1/6th Plate Ambrotype of an Armed Virginia Soldier. Image originated near the North Carolina/Virginia border several years ago. Light contrast with solarization around the edges, yet shows up very fine. Soldier wearing gray jacket, kepi and trousers with musket in prominent position. Waist belt plate is guilded and therefore unidentifiable. Name written in back of case is Walter Harvey, who is believed to have served in Company D, 9th Virginia Infantry. He was drowned in Norfolk Harbor on November 6th, 1861. Interesting research project to work on. Image comes in half case which is worn but intact.




1/6th Plate Ambrotype Identified as Samuel Gill, Company I, 1st Mississippi Cavalry. Subject wears homespun battle shirt with what appear to be block "C" buttons and is enclosed in a unique, handmade Confederate case with homespun fabric for the mat pillow. The case is split at the seam, but otherwise intact. Image is distinct and clear with slight halo near the mat. Very Rare piece.




Absolutely superb 1/6 Plate Tintype of a Confederate Officer. Image shows up with the quality of a fine ambrotype. Subject wears beautifully tinted gray frock coat in which one can see the distinctive jean cloth, homespun weave. No visible signs of rank on the coat, but many CS Officers had abandoned gaudy insignia for plain homespun fairly early in the war. His cheeks are lightly tinted. The glare is from my camera. Image comes in full case. A fine piece for the discerning collector.




1/9th Plate Ambrotype of a Virginia Soldier from the Winchester area. In a word, this fellow is "loaded," with six weapons: musket, bowie knife, two pistols (a pocket Whitney in his hand and what looks like a Colt pocket in his belt), and two bayonets. In addition, the soldier is wearing a cool battle shirt, common to soldiers of the Shenandoah Valley. Upon his waist belt is a very clear upside down OVM plate. These were commonly worn by some members of the Stonewall Brigade after they raided the B & O supply depots at Martinsburg, Va. There are some mat abrasions and a series of scratches across the image. Overall, it is a great example of an early war Confederate. Comes in full case.




1/6th Plate Ambrotype of a Confederate Corporal from Tennessee wearing an unbuttoned shell jacket and resting his kepi upon his knee. Jacket has collar tabs and piping at the sleeves. The corporal's chevrons are clearly seen. The image does has some mat abrasions and a fine peppery spotting over the emulsion. A nice example of a Confederate soldier, fairly priced. Comes in half case.




1/6th Plate Tintype of an African American Union Soldier. Subject is neatly dressed in a frock coat with unbuttoned vest and cravat. He is wearing a pork-pie slouch hat. Only the very slightest of bends, which can barely be seen at certain angles in the light, keeps this from being a flawless piece. Black Americana is a very competitive field and such images are highly sought after so these don't come around often. Image comes in a half case. Priced far less than many I have seen.




A Classic Post-Mortem View from "The War for the Union" series of a very young Confederate Soldier lying dead in the trenches at Petersburg following the final Union attacks on April 2, 1865. The Confederate Breastwork, called Fort Mahone by the Confederates and "Fort Damnation" by the Yanks, was literally filled with bodies when photographed by T C Roche following the evacuation by the Army of Northern Virginia. Card is in fine condition with only the slightest wear to the edges.




Another clear view from "The War for the Union" series. This image depicts thousands of soldiers graves near the General Hospital at City Point, Virginia, which was General Grant's Headquarters during the seige of Petersburg. Card is in very good condition with no bends and only slight corner wear. A wonderful document attesting to the cost of conquering the South.




Super 1/6th Plate Ambrotype of a Texas Confederate Officer published in the book Still More Confederate Faces, page 104 top of the page. The image is super clear, depicting a very handsome steely-eyed Confederate with an open jacket and cloth shoulder tabs in full view. According to the book the image originated in Kauffman County, Texas. The image comes in a half case. Nice piece.




Very nice 1/6th Plate Tintype of a possible Confederate Infantryman, armed in a rare full length pose. Subject is dressed in a nine button frock coat with matching trousers and kepi. The uniform appears to be trimmed in black. He holds a musket and sports a cartridge box with a white webbed or leather sling. His waist belt and breast plates ar too heavily guilted to be recognizable. I have seen NC and Georgia soldiers in similar outfits, but he also could be from a New England unit or even Wisconsin. Slight halo at the top, but a very nice image.




1/4 Plate Tintype of Double armed Union Corporal with a Bowie knife and pistol tucked into his belt. Pictured standing while holding his Hardee hat with feather. Buttons, buckle and hat insignia have been hand tinted. Very clear image with only slight halo around outer edge. Case has loose binding but overall good condition.