Here is a nice dug Italian Garibaldi or "Carcano" bullet.  This is a .69 cal and is in perfect dropped condition. M&M 199.



Here is an unusual bullet.  It is a .54 cal. Wilkinson Bullet.  M&M # 107.  What makes it unusual is that the bullet has been pulled and dropped.  You can clearly see the worm hole in the top of the bullet made by the bullet puller.  Nice smooth gray-white patina and a rather rare bullet.



A great excavated .56 cal. Spencer cartridge.  Good solid cartridge.  M&M #124.



An excavated .54 caliber Burnside carbine cartridge.
  This cartridge is in excellent shape and the bullet is perfect.  The bullet also has a beautiful light grey patina.  This cartridge is listed in M&M as Cartridge # 85.  A great solid cartridge which was breechloaded and used by the Union troops.


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